Structural Health Monitoring

Timely detection of damage is critical to ensure safe operation of bridges and, more in general, civil infrastructures, allowing to issue early warnings to avoid significant life, economic and secondary losses. Moreover, monitoring can provide relevant information for structural management and maintenance.

SHM approaches can be classified in two main categories: global and local methods. The former can be applied when damage has not occurred, yet, but it can be detected and located from changes in the continuously observed structural response. Vibration-based SHM methods belong to this first category. Local SHM methods, on the contrary, are applied when damage has already been identified and the objective of monitoring is to track its evolution over time. Typical applications include monitoring of crack amplitude or corrosion. In both cases, environmental and operational variables can affect the reliability of monitoring results.

S2X has developed proprietary solutions for SHM. In particular, the S2X team develops advanced SHM systems based on the analysis of the evolution over time of the modal parameters of the structure estimated from vibration response measurements in operational conditions. Innovative algorithms and software for the automated identification and tracking of the modal parameters, and for the compensation of the influence of environmental and operational variables make the S2X solutions for vibration-based SHM are effective and reliable, fully customizable, and they require minimum surveillance.

S2X also develops local SHM systems for specific applications based on the integration of different sensors and innovative procedures for compensation of the environmental effects.

Global as well as local SHM systems can be also jointly implemented, if needed.

If properly designed, SHM systems can be applied to a variety of civil structures, such as:

  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Historical structures and monuments
  • Special structures (tanks, wind turbines, dams, stadia, walls…).


PROJECTS: READINESS, Naples New Tube Station, Shaking Table Tests, Strit (PON “Strit Project”).

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