Solutions for Civil Engineering

S2X is an active digital player driving the technological innovation in the field of civil engineering with special focus on structural engineering. As such, the company also develops advanced technologies and innovative solutions for structural and earthquake engineering applications. Turning civil structures into smart structures, able to provide information about their health state and performance, is our ambition. In order to achieve this goal we develop and provide to our customers innovative analysis tools, including numerical as well as experimental tools. Our solutions are business-oriented and characterized by high versatility; however, our team is always available to develop customized solutions to better fit the needs of our business partners and customers.

The S2X solutions for civil, structural and earthquake engineering are shown here. This page is frequently updated, so please come and visit it from time to time to be always informed about our latest innovations and solutions. You can also subscribe our Newsletter and follow our social network accounts to receive all news from S2X.