Software Solution – Operational Modal Analysis (S2OMA) has been developed for Operational Modal Analysis in the time as well as frequency domain.

Modal parameters are estimated by means of different state-of-the-art procedures of Operational Modal Analysis:

  • Peak Picking, Frequency Domain Decomposition in the frequency domain;
  • Stochastic Subspace Identification, Second Order Blind Identification in the time domain;

in order to cross-check the results and ensure the reliability of the modal parameter estimates.

Data processing results are collected in an automatically generated report including:

  • Tables with the identified modal parameters (natural frequencies, damping ratios, mode shapes);
  • Picture of the Singular Value plot or, alternatively, a plot of the stabilization diagram;
  • Qualitative graphical representation of the identified mode shapes (depending on the adopted sensor layout);
  • Complexity plots;
  • Auto-MAC and Cross-MAC matrices.

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