The S2-DDA software (Software Solution – Dynamic Data Acquisition) has been developed to make dynamic data acquisition for testing and/or structural and seismic monitoring very fast and easy.

The software is accompanied by a modular data acquisition equipment for acceleration and temperature measurements, fulfilling, among other codes and guidelines, the recent Italian Guidelines for risk assessment and classification, safety evaluation and monitoring of existing bridges. The S2-DDA software and the accompanying data acquisition system are fully scalable and customizable according to specific user needs. S2-DDA is also able to manage multiple data acquisition systems organized in a distributed architecture with master-slave synchronization: as a result, testing and monitoring of gigantic structures become an easy task thanks to the possibility of installing a large number of sensors distributed over long distances. Startup settings are very fast and easy, thanks to the possibility of creating a database of sensors and of saving previous settings. Continuous as well as threshold-based data acquisition can be carried out at sampling frequencies ranging from a minimum of 100 Hz to a maximum of 3200 Hz. The collected data are plotted in real-time together with the power spectral density of a selected measurement channel to make a first data evaluation.

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