Naples New Tube Station

  Customer:  ANSALDO STS

  Site:  Naples, Italy

  Project title:  Monitoring of vibration levels ex   UNI 9916

  Year:  2015

  Tags:  SHM, Vibration


The S2X Team has developed, installed and managed a monitoring system for the control of vibration levels in three buildings close to a construction site in Naples. Vibration monitoring was carried out for more than two months in order to assess the influence of traffic and construction works on the vibration levels of the monitored buildings.


Brigante D., Rainieri C., Fabbrocino G., Notarangelo M.A. (2020). Vibration based procedure for the structural assessment of heritage structures. Handbook of Cultural Heritage Analysis, Part F: Monitoring of Cultural Heritage, Springer Nature (accepted for publication).

They are speaking about us!

Brandonisio G., De Luca A., Mautone L. (2017). Il monitoraggio delle vibrazioni degli edifici di Via Riviera di Chiaia in Napoli. In: Atti del IV Convegno di Ingegneria Forense IF CRASC ’17, Milano, Italia, 14-16 Settembre.