Bojano’s Healthcare Facility

  Customer:  Private

  Site:  Bojano (CB)

  Project title:  Seismic performance assessment   and retrofitting scenarios for a Healthcare Facility in   Bojano (CB), Italy

  Year:  2017

  Tags:  Earthquake Engineering, Seismic   vulnerability


The S2X Team has carried out the seismic performance assessment of a healthcare facility in Bojano, Italy. The facility consists of three reinforced concrete buildings erected in different years over four decades. The S2X team carried out the following activities:
– Analysis of the original design drawings and documents;

– Geometric and structural surveys;
– Program of destructive and non-destructive tests;

– Implementation of a finite element model of the facility for structural analyses and numerical simulations;
– Evaluation of the seismic performance of the facility in the current condition;
– Comparative analysis of possible retrofitting scenarios. The comparative analysis of different retrofitting scenarios supported the customer in the identification of the best retrofitting solution, taking into account the available budget and operational constraints.