Japoce’s Palace

  Customer:  Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage   and Tourism (MIBACT)

  Site:  Campobasso

  Project title:  Seismic vulnerability assessment   and design of strengthening interventions for a   historical structure: Japoce’s Palace in   Campobasso (Italy)

  Year:  2017

  Tags:  Earthquake Engineering, Seismic   vulnerability


The S2X Team has worked as an external consultant for the seismic vulnerability assessment and design of strengthening interventions of a historical structure, Japoce’s Palace in Campobasso, Italy. It was a very challenging case study due to the stratification of structural interventions over the centuries, which resulted, in particular, in a number of composite sections consisting of different materials interacting each other. This required the development of a customized software for capacity verifications.
The S2X Team has been also responsible for the preparation and execution of the investigation plan, including a complete geometric and structural survey of the structure.