Vibration measurements are typically be carried out to assess the performance of structure and/or to get information about the dynamics of the structure. Buildings and pedestrian bridges are often investigated through vibration measurements in order to identify possible comfort issues. Some details for specific applications are hereafter reported:

  • PEDESTRIAN BRIDGES: the input due to pedestrians can be the cause of excessive vibrations, in particular in the case of slender structures.
  • HUMAN COMFORT: The analyses related to the human comfort evaluation require vibration measurements by three-axial sensors properly distributed in the structure.
  • DEMOLITION SITES: During demolitions, vibration measurements in the surrounding buildings are fundamental to check if the maximum admissible vibration amplitudes are exceeded. In particular, the Peak Particle Velocities (PPV) must be compared to reference thresholds in order to assess the conditions of nearby buildings during demolition works.

S2X offers a service including execution of vibration measurements, data processing, and test reporting.



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