Customer:  University of Naples “Federico II”

  Site:  MANN – National Archeologic Museum of   Naples, Naples, Italy

  Project title:  Output-only modal identification test   of a structural unit of the National Archeologic   Museum of Naples, Italy

  Year:  2019

  Tags:  OMA


The S2X Team has carried out an output-only modal identification test of a structural unit of the National Archeologic Museum of Naples (MANN), Italy. It is one of the most important museums in Naples and a relevant site from the archeological point of view in Italy. The building hosting the museum was built in 1586 and it is characterized by a masonry structure. The modal identification test allowed the identification of 7 modes of the structural unit based on the measurements carried out by 9 sensors. Measurement noise was minimized by adopting a high-performance measurement chain and appropriate installation details; the reliability of the obtained results was ensured by cross-checks of the results obtained from different time domain as well as frequency domain Operational Modal Analysis methods.