Lanciano’s School “L. Da Vinci”

  Customer:  Te.Ma.Co. s.r.l.

  Site:  Lanciano (CH), Italy

  Project title:  Output-only modal identification of   the I.T.I.S. “Leonardo Da Vinci” School in Lanciano   (CH), Italy

  Year:  2014

  Tags:  OMA


The S2X Team carried out the output-only modal identification of the four jointed reinforced concrete buildings of the I.T.I.S. “Leonardo Da Vinci” School in Lanciano (CH), Italy. A total number of 28 sensors were installed on the four buildings, and their ambient vibration responses were simultaneously recorded in order to assess also possible dynamic interaction effects. The modal identification test allowed assessing the effectiveness of the joints and the identification of 8 modes.