Vibration monitoring in civil engineering covers a wide range of applications, including all possible vibration sources that may affect a structure or a construction site. The objective of vibration monitoring is twofold: – ensuring that vibrations do not affect structures or people – obtaining information about the dynamics of the structure and the investigated vibration phenomena. Vibration monitoring of buildings, in particular, is very important to assess the structural safety and human comfort.

Typical applications in this field are:

  • CONSTRUCTION SITES: The vibration of structures nearby a construction site need to be monitored in order to evaluate the structural damage and the human comfort (in the case of buildings). Automatic alerts can be timely sent in case of high vibration, exceeding threshold levels. Specific site alarms can be issued to force a reduction of the vibration magnitude.
  • SITE EVALUATION OF BUILDINGS UNDER OPERATIONAL EXCITATION (including traffic monitoring):The vibration monitoring can give important information about risk assessment of a building, both in direct terms (acceleration/velocity) and indirect terms (frequency, post-processing analyses).In urban areas, traffic is often one of the most significant sources of noise and vibrations. For this reason, monitoring the vibration levels can be helpful to alert the local authorities in case of unexpected values.
  • RAILWAY MONITORING: Railway monitoring consists in measuring the vibration response in order to collect and analyze the maximum velocities. Vibration monitoring is typically carried out by three-axial sensors at a distance of about 10 meters each other. Sensors must be able to detect relevant frequency content in the range of 15 Hz to 80 Hz.
  • PEDESTRIAN BRIDGES: the input due to pedestrians can be the cause of excessive vibrations, in particular in the case of slender structures.
  • HUMAN COMFORT: The analyses related to the human comfort evaluation require continuous monitoring of vibrations by three-axial sensors properly distributed in the structure.

S2X offers a vibration monitoring service in agreement with reference standards and codes. It includes the design of the measurement chain, data processing, alarm issuing, and periodic reporting.


PROJECTS: Naples New Tube Station

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