Operational Modal Analysis is the testing procedure yielding experimental estimates of the modal parameters from measurements of the structural response only. In the civil engineering field, OMA is very attractive because tests are cheap and fast, and they do not interfere with the normal use of the structure. Moreover, the identified modal parameters are representative of the actual behavior of the structure in its operational conditions, since they refer to levels of vibration actually present in the structure and not to artificially generated vibrations. On the other hand, the low amplitude of vibrations in operational conditions requires very sensitive, low-noise sensors and a high performance measurement chain.

The estimated modal parameters are usually used as input or reference for a number of applications, such as model updating (to reduce the inaccuracies of Finite Element models due to discretization and modeling assumptions) and troubleshooting (a typical example is the assessment of the cause of excessive vibrations). Operational Modal Analysis is successfully applied to a number of different structures, such as:

  • BRIDGES (including pedestrian bridges);
  • DAMS;
  • TANKS.

S2X offers a complete service of Operational Modal Analysis of civil structures including test planning, measurement execution, data processing and test reporting. Additional services are also available concerning the evaluation of the correlation between the results of experimental and numerical modal analyses.


PROJECTS: Sala Consilina’s City Hall, S. Maria Maddalena Church, MANN, A3 Highway, Ufita bridge, Strit (PON “Strit Project”), Kerkira (Greece), Foggia’s Hospital, Lanciano’s School “L. Da Vinci”, A1 Highway.

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